KLIKK ballite

Have a bright and energetic party with your friends!

Party rooms are available at each entertainment area.
Choose your favorite entertainment area and go!
If you want a party for more people in a skate-park, net or nerf area, € 7 for each additional guest, and a go-cart party for each additional guest € 30. More information by writing or calling us!



Net maze

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Net maze

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Nerf area

KLIKK Centrs nerf balliīte
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Go-kart area

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Party Menu

Gourmet plate

Two types of cheese snacks, spring rolls, onion rings and sauce.
Plate size 25 × 30cm


KLIKK salāti

Gardēžu plate

Divu veidu siera uzkodas, spring rolls, sīpolu gredzeni un mērce.

Plates izmērs 25×30cm


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-gardēžu plate

French fries

Two types of french fries with ketchup
Bowl size 25x30cm cm


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-frī

French fries with nuggets

Two types of french fries, two types of nuggets and sauce.
Bowl size 25x30cm cm


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-nageti ar frī

Chip plate "Sea"

Five types of chips and sauce.
Plate size 30 × 50cm


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-čipsu jūra

Vegetable plate

Five types of vegetables, sauce.
Plate size 30 × 50cm


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-dārzeņu plate

Fruit plate

Five types of fruit.
Plate size 25 × 30cm
KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-augļu plate

Popkorna un kukurūzu standziņu groziņš

Saldais popkorns, kukurūzu standziņas ar vieglu karameļu un baltās šokolādes glazūru


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-popkorns un kukurūzas standziņas


24 gab


KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-virtuļi


Berry drink and lemon drink
KLIKK ballīšu uzkodas-dzērieni

Mājas medus kūka

2 kg
KLIKK medus kūka

Children's champagne

KLIKK children's party champagne with balloons
Bērnu šampanietis bez baloniem



In cooperation with Kūkas Gardas, we will organize the cake of your dreams.
For more information call KLIKK KAFE 20 003 575
Posted photos are only for information, menu can be change.

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More delicious news
Catering is provided by the farm “Ennes”. Reg. no. 49501006945. Your meal is prepared on the equipment purchased with the support of the LEADER program of the Rural Support Service project No.20-04-AL32-A019.2101-000001. The interactive terrace was realized in the project no. No. 21-04-AL32-A019.2101-000005.
Zemnieku saimniecība ENNES
Zemnieku saimniecība ENNES
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