KLIKK ballite

Have a bright and energetic party with your friends!

We can offer various balloons in suitable colors for your party room decoration. Let it be bright!

KLIKK baloni KLIKK bērnu ballītēm

Party rooms are available next to each entertainment area.

Choose your favorite entertainment area and go!
KLIKK CAFE will take care of treats for your guests.

Order a meal for your party from KLIKK cafe and get a 20 euro discount for the party!
Party offer from Tuesday to Thursday:
 – *120€/2h!
– *180€/3h!

*If a party meal is ordered from KLIKK cafe worth at least €50.
The offer does not apply to public holidays, holidays and school holidays, as well as parties on the go-kart track and on the terrace.

If you want a party for more people in the skatepark, net maze or nerf zone, only +7€ for each additional guest.More information by writing or calling us!

Party menu

Frī kartupeļi
Three types of french fries with ketchup

Plate size 25x30 cm

Saldie kartupeļi
With sauce

Plate size 25x30 cm

French fries with chicken nuggets
Two types of french fries, two types of nuggets and sauce

Plate size 25x30 cm

Gourmet plate
Two types of cheese, spring rolls, onion rings and sauce

Plate size 25x30 cm

Nugget plate
Two types of nuggets

Plate size 25x30 cm

Vrap plate
Chicken, cabbage mix, garlic sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, feta cheese, pesto

30 pieces

Vegetable plate
Five types of vegetables, sauce

Plate size 25x30 cm

KLIKK salad bowl
With chicken or falafel

Bowl size 28 cm

Čipsu groziņš
Five types of chips and dip

Plate size 30x50 cm

Chuross plate

35 pieces

Fruit plate
Five types of fruits

Plate size 25x30 cm

Basket of Popcorn and Corn Sticks
Sweet popcorn, corn sticks with a light caramel and white chocolate glaze

24 pieces

Home made honey cake

2 kg



KLIKK centr KLIKK kafe bērnu šampanietis ar vai bez baloniem

Children's champagne

Children's champagne with balloons for the KLIKK party


Children's champagne without balloons



In cooperation with Kūkas Gardas, we will organize the cake of your holiday dreams.

More information by calling KLIKK KAFE

20 003 575

The posted photos are informative, the offer may change.

Party rooms


Net maze


Net maze




Nerf area


Go-kart garage


Trampoline zone

Private party rooms


Rooms for various events

A space where you can hold any event or event – it can be a harmonious yoga master class, exciting training or seminars, as well as a place for daily training. There are many opportunities – use them!

100€ / h


Private party in Nerf area

Privāta ballīte Nerf zonā

If you want a smooth party in the Nerf area where your gaming company will try out the Nerf Rival* guns, reserve the entire recreation area together with the party room!

*Nerf Rival guns are the perfect alternative for those who like paintball; with us, the game can be made painless and exciting.

270 € / 2 h


KLIKK Center Terrace Party

KLIKK centra terases ballīte ar piepūšamo atrakciju

Sun, fresh air, adventurous atmosphere – we enjoy the summer and organize a powerfulgarden party at our place, on the terrace of the KLIKK center with the inflatable attraction “Octopus”!

The party price includes attraction rental for two hours for up to 10 children and terrace rental.

190 € / 2 h

Table setting in party rooms

For adults

The set includes: tablecloth, table mats, matching fabric and paper napkins, decorations, candles, flower arrangements, lanterns.

Glasses, dishes, gold cutlery – €30.

In addition, it is possible to buy matching balloons.

120 € / 10 guests

For kids

The set includes: thematic table decoration, tablecloth, table mats, matching paper napkins, decorations (string of flags), table setting with disposable paper dishes, glasses and straws, pillows. 

In addition, it is possible to buy matching balloons.

120 € / 10 guests

Just like a festive dress and a wonderful cake, the table setting has a special meaning at your celebration, that’s why the KLIKK center, together with La Fête picnic, offers to conjure up a special atmosphere for both children’s parties and important events that you choose to celebrate with us!

Book a party

Pasūti maltīti savai ballītei no KLIKK kafe un saņem 20€ atlaidi ballītei!

Ēdināšanu nodrošina z/s “Ennes”. Reģ. nr. 49501006945 . Jūsu maltīte tiek gatavota uz iekārtām, kas iegādātas ar lauku atbalsta dienesta LEADER programmas atbalstu projekta Nr.20-04-AL32-A019.2101-000001. Savukārt interaktīvā terase realizēta projektā nr. Nr.21-04-AL32-A019.2101-000005.

Zemnieku saimniecība ENNES
Zemnieku saimniecība ENNES
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