KLIKK center rules

3KL, Ltd. (hereinafter KLIKK)

General rules

  1. To visit KLIKK center, you must buy a ticket at the administration or make a reservation on the website –klikk.lv.
  2. Children under the age of 10 are allowed to visit KLIKK center only with at least one adult accompanied in all areas of KLIKK.
  3. Children elder 8 years are allowed to attend KLIKK skatepark without adults accompanied if a certificate of attendance is signed.
  4. Children elder 14 years are allowed to attend KLIKK Center without adults accompanied.
  5. Socks are required when visiting the Net and/or Nerf area.
  6. Closed toe shoes – no thongs, sandals, slides and high heels are allowed while using go-karts.
  7. By paying for the service, you agree to the rules of KLIKK center automatically and obey the rules.


  1. You can book a visit at klikk.lv by making a prepayment procedure that is a guarantee for receiving the service on the date and time you have chosen;
  2. for the karting reservation made by phone is not guaranteed in case there are other visitors attending KLIKK center at that time;
  3. booking date, time, and service of entertainment can be changed once if there is available another date and time;
  4. booking can be canceled if there are at least 12 hours till reservation date/time, receiving 100% of prepayment refund;
  5. if there are less than 12 hours till the booked time, prepay for booked appointment will not be refunded, but you can move it to another date/time.
  1. A party can be booked on klikk.lv paying 100% of the billing amount as a prepay which is also a guarantee to receive the service on chosen date and time. Party takes place in a separate room next to each arena. The booked party doesn’t mean you will be alone in your chosen area;
  2. cancellation:
    • if there are 10 or more days till the booking date (not including it) you will receive a 100% refund of your prepayment;
    • if there are less than 10 days till the booking date (not including it) you will not receive a refund of the prepayment made, but you have a chance to change the date and time of the party, use other services in our Center or to receive a gift card in the amount of prepayment you made;
    • booking date/time can be changed once if there is available another date and time;
    • due to state restrictions/prohibitions related to a Covid-19 pandemic, which can make it impossible to visit public places and organize private events, the reservation may be postponed to another date/time with the agreement of the administration of KLIKK center.

Gift cards

  1. KLIKK gift cards can be purchased in KLIKK center, Lauku street 9, Sigulda, or ordered remotely by writing to info@klikk.lv;
  2. gift cards can be used for any of the entertainment services of KLIKK center;
  3. each gift card has No./code which can be used to make a reservation at klikk.lv;
  4. when purchasing or using a gift card other discounts can not be applied;
  5. the expiration date of the gift card is shown on it and can not be changed.

Responsibility and safety

  1. Every person entering the territory of KLIKK center shall be under the following rules:
    • the supervisor or any other person in charge of KLIKK center has the right to expel people who ignore KLIKK rules;
    • it is obligate to pay for the services before using them;
    • KLIKK Center does not take responsibility if visitors ignore internal regulations and instructions of the employees damage their health, endanger their and/or other visitors’ health, suffer material losses, and/or cause material losses to a third party due to ignoring these rules.
  2. Each visitor has to fill out the certificate of visiting KLIKK center. You can receive certificates from the administrator.
  3. Visiting KLIKK center you should be aware of your skills, physical readiness, health, and physical condition.
  4. Visitors should be aware that offered activities by KLIKK center have a certain level of risk and possibility of having trauma which can lead to lethal consequences.
  5. In case of an accident you must inform administration or staff immediately.
  6. The visitor or his/her parent/guardian/coach takes full responsibility for his/her child’s health and safety in the territory of the center.
  7. KLIKK center administration and management do not take any responsibility for visitors’ traumas and accidents they have received during visiting KLIKK center.
  8. KLIKK center administration and management do not take responsibility for the personal belongings of center visitors.

Additional rules

KLIKK center employees, visitors, renters, and others using the territory are not allowed to:

  1. smoke and use electronic cigarettes, drink alcohol, or take any other drugs, as well as to be affected by them;
  2. leave waste after themselves, splitting, disturbing other visitors, physically or in any other way offending other visitors, to use uncensored words and expressions;
  3. eat and bring in drinks in glass containers in entertaining areas of the center;
  4. organizing party it is not allowed to enter with your food and alcoholic drinks, except cake and water, using disposable tableware;
  5. intentionally damage KLIKK constructions or equipment and be in the territory of KLIKK after its working hours;
  6. bring in weapons, explosives, flammable substances, poisonous substances, alcoholic drinks, drugs or toxic substances, glass and tin containers, and other objects that may cause traumas, threaten lives, or disturb events taking place in KLIKK center;
  7. to organize erotic, extreme, anti-state, or anti-constitutional events, as well as events related to tobacco and alcohol advertising, consumption, and trading.


  1. Visitors are obliged to arrive at KLIKK with clean equipment that is not wet, dirty, or muddy.
  2. Visitors are obliged to clean after themselves if they have littered or spilled something.
  3. Toilets and showers, as well as changing rooms must be left clean and in order after using them.

Photography and filming is possible in the premises and territory of the KLIKK center, created materials can be used on the center’s social network pages.

KLIKK employees, as well as persons who ensure the operation of the center and security, have the right to expel anyone from the center who does not respect the internal rules.

Penalty for lost locker key – 5€.

The penalty for lost NERF darts is calculated individually depending on how many have been lost.

Rules updated: 18.07.2022.

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