We are KLIKK – the largest indoor family amusement park in Latvia.

KLIKK is a place where big and small gather, where both fun and peace can be found in one place. KLIKK is a safe and pleasant place for the whole family, from children who are still trying to understand their abilities and possibilities to the most erudite adults.

At KLIKK, you will have unforgettable memories of spending time with family and friends, as well as experience in one of the sports with our professional coaches.


KLIKK skate park is special, that’s for sure!
It is very important for us to have the “street vibe” in the skate park – graffiti, colors, good music and the atmosphere in which every rider wants to stay.

Huge thanks to the @holisarts team for their work in the skate park!

KLIKK centra batutu zona

Trampoline zone

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping high up to the stars, it’s possible! Go to the trampoline area of the KLIKK center, where not only skillful jumps on the horizontal and vertical trampolines are possible, but also the challenges of climbing the climbing wall.

KLIKK centra KLIKKsīšu krekli un somas


Bright, dressed in neon colors, every personality is just as bright. They are passionate, cheerful, eager and self-confident, always hungry for new adventures, they are KLIKSISI. It’s the KLIKK family – Kami, Lili, Ili, Kima un Kri!

Together with the artist, book illustrator Aneti Meleci, we have created friends for the most passionate life celebrants, with whom it is possible to be with every day!

Currently, T-shirts of various sizes and colors are available in the KLIKK store with Kami – the cheerful trampoline Kliksīti!

KLIKK centra skeitparks scooter


We’ve put together some frequently asked questions in one place.
If you can’t find the information on our page, have any questions, or just want to know more, look here for answers.


KLIKK go-kart track is 260 m long and the only two-level indoor track in the Baltics. From other Latvian tracks it differs with its creativity and interesting trajectory.


We have worked carefully on our menu, experimenting with flavors to give you the full enjoyment of taste.

Our menu also includes options for vegans.

KLIKK centra ballītes, ballīšu uzkodas

Exciting parties

Party rooms are available at each entertainment area, choose your favorite and go! KLIKK KAFE will take care of your guests. KLIKK CAFE will take care of treats for your guests.

KLIKK centra pasākumu kalendārs

Calendar of KLIKK center events

Come and experience!

KLIKK center is a place to spend time in various entertainment areas, suitable for all ages. It will be interesting here for teenagers, toddlers, their parents and even grandparents.

4 reasons to visit klikk



KLIKK is a family recreation and entertainment center, suitable for all age groups, where everyone will find an activity they like.



The atmosphere of the KLIKK center is very important to us, because the ability to grow and improve in a creative and inspiring environment is much greater.



Our go-kart track is 260 m long and the only two-level indoor track in the Baltics. From other Latvian tracks it differs with its creativity and interesting trajectory.


Well - being

We have worked very carefully on the KLIKK kafe menu to encourage your well-being while you visit us.

KLIKK gift card

A universal and always welcome gift – joy and fun in the KLIKK center!
Gift cards can be purchased from us on the spot, as well as we offer to send them by parcel terminal. To order a gift card remotely, write an application e-mail to info@klikk.lv


Emils Rengarts

“Es ar nepacietību gaidīju Siguldas iekštelpu skeitparku, tas ir bijis nepieciešams Siguldā jau daudzus gadus, tādā ziņā, ka ziemā braucējiem nekas cits neatliek kā braukt uz Rīgu, bet tas prasa daudz resursus no cilvēka kā arī laiku.”

Evita Skinca

“Such a place is definitely needed in Sigulda, it will allow children, young people and also parents to spend time together and have fun. It is unfortunate that the current situation does not allow this center to be opened and operational. “


“It’s cool that such entertainment venues are being created for young people and families. We are waiting for the Klikk center to open at full capacity. ”

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